Update on the Byrnside’s Fort Preservation Project

Check out the current progress on the Byrnside’s Fort preservation project. Almost all of the pre-Civil War plaster has been removed from the logs, which are covered in the remnants of old whitewash paint. Also a new fence, and one which may go bye-bye:

4 thoughts on “Update on the Byrnside’s Fort Preservation Project

  1. Very nice presentation.

    As you well know, lawn mowing became popular as a way of controlling malaria. Since malaria epidemics are a rarity in the continental US, I question the current need for huge lawns. I know several of your neighbors who spend whole days each week mowing their massive yards. I think it’s a waste of time, money, and land, plus it drastically reduces wildlife habitats. One cannot lament the disappearance of meadow birds, turtles, and insects while straddling a John Deere. Our grandchildren will pay dearly for the loss of those critters….and they’ll question our logic.

    I comment represents no personal criticism…..it’s simply an observation.

    Good luck with your project. It’s looking good.

    • Gordon, good to hear from you. I hope you’re doing well. Yes, I am falling into that same trap, but I do enjoy mowing out there. Though I’ve been cutting it pretty long and infrequently. If the cattle weren’t so destructive, I would have let them take care of it.

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