The SCAVENGEOLOGY JOURNAL – Volume 1 – “Discovering Byrnside’s Fort”

AVAILABLE NOW! 80 color pages of high quality photos of the discoveries, renovations, and explorations at the site of Byrnside’s Fort at Willowbrook Plantation.

SCAV-ENG-E-OL-O-GY: The study of history through the excavation of discarded items, exploring people’s attics, flying drones, and stuff.

The term “scavengeology” was coined when the author, a major history buff, began metal detecting and sharing his finds, resulting in an archaeologist insulting him by calling him nothing more than a mere “scavenger.” The insult was embraced, and the rest is history…..

This is Volume 1 of the ongoing SCAVENGEOLOGY JOURNAL, chronicling the discovery of an 18th century log fort from the Revolutionary War era, located in modern day West Virginia – but in what was then the isolated Virginia frontier.

“Willowbrook Plantation,” one mile outside of the beautiful small town of Union, West Virginia, was an antebellum plantation home, lived-in by three prominent families, spanning the 18th century through the 20th century.

Join in the fun as we explore the items left inside the house, the items found underneath the ground in the yard, and of course, uncover the original 18th century log fort, covered in plaster installed in 1858. It’s all about the history.

The PRINT edition is available through and is in full color and professionally bound, shipping in 3 to 5 days. The link is here:


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