Finds and History from a 1690 Colonial American Shipwreck

The attack on Quebec was a failure. They encountered bad weather, which delayed their arrival until mid-October. By this time, None of the forces ever came within a kilometer of the city walls. Several of the ships were damaged by cannon fire from the city. They Count Frontenac, the Governor General of New France, had assembled around 2,700 defenders. The fleet suffered brutal cold weather and smallpox had broken out. Accomplishing nothing, they gave up and headed home, up the St. Lawrence and out to sea. But their misfortunes continued. They encountered storms, separating the fleet and blowing some off-course as far as the West Indies. Four of the ships were wrecked, with two companies of men completely lost.

American “Kentucky Pistol” circa 1805-1811

Flintlock Kentucky Pistol by Frederick Goetz of Philadelphia. Circa 1805-1811. Goetz was an older established gunsmith in the Philadelphia area, beginning in the 18th century. He had a young apprentice named George Tryon during the early years of the 19th century. They went into business together, briefly, in 1811, and then Tryon went out on …

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Pistol found hanging under the floor of an abandoned WV log cabin

Sometimes in log cabin removals there are awesome finds in the walls, or under the floors. That’s exactly what happened in this case. As a long-abandoned Greenbrier County, West Virginia log cabin was being demolished, this pistol was found underneath the floor in the crawl space. This primitive under hammer boot-style pistol was found hanging …

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