Special Guest Visits Byrnside’s Fort

This weekend we were honored to have a very special guest visit Byrnside’s Fort. Dr. Ron Ripley is a renowned local historian who authored the fort’s National Register of Historic Places nomination back in 1993. In fact, this is all we knew about the property prior to beginning the project in early 2019. In the materials he prepared, he theorized about the log structure inside the old plaster walls, none of which was visible. On Sunday he got to see the logs with all the plaster removed, as well as check out many of the artifacts and relics we found. We had been waiting a long time to show him everything. It was pretty special.

Also in attendance was another local historian, Bob Pomphrey, as well as our metal detecting buddy, Bill Burns, who found many of the artifacts on the property.

1 thought on “Special Guest Visits Byrnside’s Fort

  1. Love keeping up with current happenings at Byrnside Fort, what a special day indeed to welcome Dr. Ripley to see all the work that had been done to expose the original walls of the fort, and be able to stand in that room, what history.

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