Some recent finds and preservation work from Byrnside’s Fort

Much of the fun of metal detecting – especially at an historic site – is cleaning up the items, figuring out what they are, preserving them, and then comparing them to everything else you’ve found. Together, they tell you a story of what happened there long ago.

A common result of digging in the yard around the fort:

Firearms related items, and there’s a lot more as well….. Lots of lead roundballs, many fired. Some broken gun flints, triggers, etc.

19th century pocket knife, part of it anyways

Lots of blacksmith made tools, and other items:

piece of a broken tobacco pipe, 18th century style
Ladle or pot handle, blacksmith made, with a hanger on the end.
A broken ladle or pot handle, the part where it attaches.

Some horse related stuff:

Horse related items and decorations. Note the bit in the horse’s mouth.

To be continued…..

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