SCAVENGEOLOGY PODCAST EPISODE 1: Hidden History of Jamestown

What they don’t teach about Jamestown…. My brothers who are fan of podcasts have been nagging at me and my father to do a podcast episode together. So we gave it a go this weekend, just basically having a conversation on one of our favorite topics: Jamestown. Of course, he likes to focus on the important things about it, and I like to focus on the more morbid parts…. It’s hosted on “Podbean,” if you have that app on your phone (it’s free) but you should be able to listen right here. I suppose it will eventually show up on Apple podcast once they approve the feed, in which case you can download to your phone. This one’s probably a little long, but I guess time flies when you’re talking about interesting history….

4 thoughts on “SCAVENGEOLOGY PODCAST EPISODE 1: Hidden History of Jamestown

  1. Really enjoyed the podcast! I have a Jamestown ancestor who arrived in 1612 and one of his descendants was fined for rustling cattle during Bacon’s Rebellion. Eventually this family and other ancestors headed west into Greenbrier/Monroe Co. WV. Your blog posts touch on many names familiar to me. 🙂

    • Thank you, it was surprisingly how quickly it was possible to talk about Jamestown for an hour, and yet barely touch on anything.

  2. Great Podcast ..You would make a Great college professor on History…
    Keep up the Awesome work..

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