Scissors dug at Fort Pillow


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These scissors were dug at the site of Fort Pillow, a.k.a., the Battle of Fort Pillow, a.k.a., the “Fort Pillow Massacre.” At the start of chapter 29 of his Life on the Mississippi (1883), Mark Twain mentions passing by “… what was once the formidable Fort Pillow, memorable because of the massacre perpetrated there during the war … we must bunch Anglo-Saxon history together to find the fellow to the Fort Pillow tragedy.”

Scissors are one of those things that probably only excite metal detectorists. They’re rarely found whole – almost always in pieces. They were obviously important at most stages of 18th and 19th century sites of human encampment or occupation, because they’re almost always found – whether military or domestic, or other…..

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Scissors dug at the site of Fort Pillow