Original Spike Tomahawk (SOLD)


This is an original forged iron spike tomahawk from upstate New York.  The haft is old, but I’m not sure how old.  It certainly isn’t the first that’s been on it.  It does have traces of paint on it.  Someone put a more recent screw into the top of the eye to secure the haft.

The blade itself is in great shape and is still sharp.  The spike end was sharpened long ago and is needle sharp. The sharpening however, has its own patina, as if it was done long ago.  There’s no known evidence to support this, but it very well may be a battlefield pickup type deal.  After the Battle of Point Pleasant alone, the Virginians collected dozens of tomahawks strewn across the battlefield.  Yet not one of these were ever accounted for – despite being later sold to the public.  And this happened all the time – not just that particular battle.

It’s small, petite, light and very well balanced.  We got it from a collector who collected it in a home in upstate New York.  Unfortunately that’s about all we know about it.