Original Forged All-Iron Spike Axe Tomahawk (SOLD)


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Old, one-of-a-kind, all-iron blacksmith forged spike axe.  I got this from noted tomahawk collector Keith Collis, 8 years ago or so at a Kentucky Rifle Association Show. To the best of my recollection he collected this somewhere in Pennsylvania. He’s turned up some epic pieces over the years, including perhaps the finest known spike tomahawk. Unfortunately I don’t know any of it’s backstory, but it just feels awesome in your hands.

Believe it or not, all-metal tomahawks were fairly common and popular among Native Americans in 18th century America. There are a number of documented examples, all of which appear to be different. The common theme is a short haft, and they’re usually spike axes or halberd axes. The late 17th century and early 18th century pieces tend to have a flared blade. As the mid 18th century approached, spike tomahawks tended to take this shape, as illustrated by many other examples. So it’s always seemed to me that this is somewhat of a fusion of the early short hafted all-metal halberd style hawks, with the mid 18th century classic spike hawk design. Sort of a one-off frontier blacksmith piece. Or, maybe it served some other less glamorous purpose of which I’m not aware. Such is always the case with most spike tomahawks and belt axes. This piece doesn’t appear to me to have built for heavy duty work as a tool. It’s fairly thin and sleek. But you be the judge. It’s a neat piece of history either way.

It does have a small amount of pitting on the surface, consistent with age and/or being exposed to the elements. It has a wax coating on it. I haven’t seen another one like it.


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