Contemporary .50 Caliber Flintlock Rifle by Lowell Haarer


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This is a beautiful iron-mounted Virginia style contemporary flintlock rifle, bored in .50 caliber, made by master craftsman and gunsmith, Lowell Haarer, from Virginia. It has a swamped Colerain barrel and a Siler lock. Other than that it was entirely made by Mr. Haarer. I was the second owner, and paid more than the asking price. He usually has a waiting list, and a price higher than the asking price. The gun shoots beautifully. I’ve used in many muzzleloading competitions. Although a beautiful work of art, it’s definitely a shooter. Stocked in a wonderful piece of curly maple. The iron mountings add much more complexity than the usual brass hardware. Each piece custom made by an expert hand. It’s not an exact copy of any piece, but rather a Virginia-inspired piece, based on multiple areas of influence from known period longrifles. It shoots beautifully and is perfect for hunting whitetail deer.

If the purchaser is not available for pickup in Union, West Virginia, shipping will have to be arranged separately from the purchase price, based on the location of the purchaser.


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