Antique Virginia Powder Horn



This is an original antique powder horn that came out of Virginia. The horn supposedly belonged to Captain John Cunningham, of the Rockbridge, Virginia militia, who served in the Revolutionary War.  He was an interesting guy, serving from 1776-1781. He was wounded in a skirmish near Portsmouth, VA and “succeeded in capturing a British Yeager.” I’m not sure if that refers to a rifle, or a soldier.

According to records I found, I believe he was involved in the Kerr’s Creek Massacre in Rockbridge County, near Lexington, VA earlier in his life. Records show that a John Cunningham was taken prisoner by the Shawnee after the Cunningham Farm was attacked during Pontiac’s War in 1763. He is the only John Cunningham of Rockbridge County from that era that I’ve found. He also has some connections to the Greenbrier Valley forts during that era.
The horn has a great style and patina. The nails and end cap hardware appear to me to be replacements. Of what age, I don’t know. There doesn’t appear to be any worm damage. I can’t ascertain any writing on the horn.
Supposedly this was sold from the Cunningham family to a Virginia collector, along with Cunningham’s short sword. I have no documentation or proof of this. It’s just the information that was told to me when I bought the horn from another collector.


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