Antique Billhook Knife


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This is an antique billhook knife, probably imported from Europe, where they were very popular. It may be 18th century, or 19th century. I don’t really know. It does look like one in Neumann’s Encyclopedia of the American Revolution, and I have another one very similar to this one. But I don’t know the provenance on the one in his book, so I don’t want to say for sure. But it does have a good amount of age to it, as evidenced by the dried and shrunken wood on the handle, which gives it a good weathered look.

These were in large use during the American Revolution for the purpose of cutting small strips of branches and wood for the purpose of building fortifications and entrenchments. Folding “fascine knives” of this general design – sort of a pruning blade – were also popular for the same purpose. It does have a circle style mark on the blade.


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