North Carolina Powder Horn

This is an antique powder horn which originally was found in North Carolina. The wooden plug in the end of the horn has a concentric design making it look like a beehive. For this reason, powder horns of this design are known as “Beehive Plug Powderhorns.”

They’re not exclusive to North Carolina, but are a feature usually associated with the South. They are known to have been made in Virginia and Tennessee, as well as North Carolina.

This particular horn has some very early characteristics, such as the shape of the mouth an the overall medium to large size of the horn. As time went on, powder horns generally became smaller. A larger horn can indicate an earlier date.

It’s also believed that sometimes horns were altered during their working lives so as to have a beehive plug installed as a modification of an existing earlier horn. I’m not sure there’s any indication of that here, but it’s something to keep in mind.

The only writing I could find on this horn is some sloppy cursive in the center of the horn, which appears to be a name. However, I can’t make it out.

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