Massive Forged Andirons from historic Old Sweet Springs Resort

These massive fireplace andirons were purchased from an elderly man in Alleghany County, Virginia, who had purchased them at one of the earlier auctions held at the Old Sweet Springs Resort. Apparently they were stored in the basement of the huge old resort.

It’s hard to tell how large they are from the photos, but trust me, they’re big. And they appear to be completely hand forged. You can even see the blacksmith’s hammer marks.

The “Old Sweet Springs” resort was perhaps the fanciest of all of the 19th century mountain springs resorts in Virginia (now it’s just across the border in Monroe County, West Virginia.)

Andirons are what hold the logs in a fireplace, and they usually are much smaller than these. These would have required a massive fireplace, which no doubt was available in the huge resort. This is an early 20th century postcard showing the resort.

A close up of the top curl of the irons.