Large Early Dagger with a Wooden Bolster

This is another highly unusual and interesting knife with no discernible markings or origin story. It’s a well-made old dagger with a wooden grip and a rare wooden bolster. As with the treen scoop I recently posted, you can see evidence of oils from human hands on the wooden grip.

I haven’t seen another like it except for some medieval style daggers, such as this one, found in the Thames in England:

This one, however, was collected in Virginia.

4 thoughts on “Large Early Dagger with a Wooden Bolster

  1. As you well know, the Basque were already fishing off the coast of Newfoundland when Columbus came over. Could be Basque. Secondly, the knife appears Norse. Finally, cousin Raymond would probably like that slave announcement. Chris as Elmwood has his phone number.

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