Research Links


"Fur Trade Tomahawks" online resource for ID and education about everything tomahawks:

Identification Guide for Colonial Ceramics:

Identification and Dating Guide for Antique and Colonial Buttons:

Here's a great three part article I found on axes found in New France:

Here's a great three part article I stumbled upon about French trade knives:


A Woodsrunner's Diary

- 18th Century living history, historical trekking, and longterm survival.

Of Sorts for Provincials

- Information on 18th century American firearms, the Virginia back country and related material culture.

Contemporary Makers

- Frequent great photos of contemporary replicas of antique items related to American longrifle type culture. Maintained by Art Riser.

Frontier Partisans

- Great history blog by Jim Cornelius. "The adventurers, rangers, and scouts who fought the Battles for Empire."



Historic Sites on Crump's Bottom - an old article on "Crump's Bottom" on the New River, where Fort Culbertson and Farley's Fort once stood.

Ceramics on the Western Frontier - The Archaeological Assemblage from Fort Massac, 1794–1814

A Case Study in Frontier Warfare - Racial Violence, Revenge, and the Ambush at Fort Laurens, Ohio

Cutmarks on Crania at the Late Mississippian Mann Site -Cutmarks on Crania at the Late Mississippian Mann Site Cemetery, Posey County, Indiana (evidence of scalping pre-Colombian era)

Archaeological Investigations of Fort St. Philippe des Miamis (1722) and Fort Wayne (1794), Fort Wayne, Indiana

War Paths, Peace Paths An Archaeology of Cooperation and Conflict in Native Eastern North America  - by David M. Dye


Blades in NC: From Stones to Steel

History of Sweet Springs, West Virginia article:

Houmas House Plantation in NOLA history article: