Research Links


"Fur Trade Tomahawks" online resource for ID and education about everything tomahawks:


Identification Guide for Colonial Ceramics:


Identification and Dating Guide for Antique and Colonial Buttons:


Here's a great three part article I found on axes found in New France:

Here's a great three part article I stumbled upon about French trade knives:


A Woodsrunner's Diary

- 18th Century living history, historical trekking, and longterm survival.

Of Sorts for Provincials

- Information on 18th century American firearms, the Virginia back country and related material culture.

Contemporary Makers

- Frequent great photos of contemporary replicas of antique items related to American longrifle type culture. Maintained by Art Riser.

Frontier Partisans

- Great history blog by Jim Cornelius. "The adventurers, rangers, and scouts who fought the Battles for Empire."



Blades in NC: From Stones to Steel

History of Sweet Springs, West Virginia article:

Houmas House Plantation in NOLA history article: