Cooking stuff recently excavated from Byrnside’s Fort, all cleaned up and preserved for the SCAV Museum

The view from inside Byrnside’s Fort

We found some some ladle, or skillet, handles in the yard at Byrnside’s Fort. They’re blacksmith made, wrought iron forged, each with a little rat tail style curl on the end for hanging around the fireplace. I finally got around to doing some preservation work on the handles in the past few days, and they turned out great.

The hole they came out of
Handle No. 1
I think this is a lug for the side of a large pot/cauldron, where a handle would attach.
Handle No. 2
When I found handle no. 2, just recently. It’s upper right. And lots of animal bones in the same hole – mostly pig I believe.
A blacksmith made iron handle for a pot, found back by the spring cave.

Cleaning them, and preparing for the de-rusting process.

Just after soaking and scrubbing.

Here they are with the beeswax coating installed.

Here they are all cleaned up.

One piece was just a fragment of a handle. It cleaned up nicely.

Handle no. 3 – it’s just the piece of one. Most of the handle is missing.
Here, you can see exactly how this worked.

I love the little hook features.

Check out the blacksmith’s design. It got bent up a little while in the ground.
The hanger on handle no. 2 looks very close to this very early large brass lade, with an iron handle. Though just much larger.
Two examples to compare them to. I couldn’t find one small enough, though I’m still looking.

Other similar examples I found:

These handles were probably used together with this trammel we found, in the old fort cooking fireplace.

Blacksmith made wrought iron trammel, pot hanger found at Byrnside’s Fort, also featuring a blacksmith’s creative design work.

Some other cooking related items. A couple of pieces of dutch ovens, one of which was found right underneath the east chimney.

Piece of a cast iron pot.
Piece of a brass kettle, used to cut out arrow points.
Some animal bones out of the same hole.

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  1. Love everything you have found they cleaned up real nice. What did you use to clean the rust? What Byrnside was the Fort named after? Thank you.

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