Confederate Civil War Camp Found Near Union, WV

Recently, Bill Burns of Union, WV found the site of a Civil War camp occupied by Confederate soldiers. Many of the finds tell the story of Civil War camp life, including the .58 caliber Gardner bullet, carved into a chess piece, along with a flattened and marked lead gaming piece. Also found were pewter harmonica reeds, coins, buttons and buckles, including the fantastic brass Confederate “heavy frame” buckle. These would date prior to Federal occupation of the southern Greenbrier Valley, most likely circa 1861-63.

2 thoughts on “Confederate Civil War Camp Found Near Union, WV

  1. Interesting post, enjoyed seeing all the \”relics\” I had a great great grandfather, William Carter Booth living in Monroe during the Civil War. He served in the Militia. The Owen Morton book on Monroe County has some interesting information on that era.

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