This is the exact spot on the Virginia Frontier where legendary frontiersman Simon Kenton became Simon Butler

If you’ve read “The Frontiersman” by Allan Eckert, you remember the part where young Simon Kenton, who was fleeing what he thought would be a murder charge in Faquier County after getting in a fight, became Simon “Butler.” Simon had the sense to find out the name of the owner of each new location he arrived at, and introducing himself as having the same last name.

Scavengeology skills ID important-looking bald guy in painting found at yard sale, and it’s a good one….

It was a little easier to read the text once I took a photo of it and manipulated the colors, etc., using photoshop. It appears to read, “State of the Roll, Borough of Greenwich, December 1832.” Then there’s some names, but they’re pretty difficult to read, even after running it through photoshop. So I turned to google with the things I did know: the date of 1832, the “Borough of Greenwich” and some sort of vote or roll call….

Houmas House Plantation in NOLA – and its Union, WV Connection

This is the famous Houmas House Plantation near New Orleans, Louisiana: Well, it has a deep connection to little ‘ole Union, WV. In Union, Monroe County, West Virginia, are two spectacular antebellum mansions, Elmwood, and Walnut Grove. Did you know that the owners of Walnut Grove also owned the Houmas House Plantation in New Orleans? …

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