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Metal Detecting and Historical Objects

Join us as we go more in depth into history, as well as the objects we find.

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Byrnside's Fort / Willowbrook Plantation

Follow along on our historic renovation of our future Scavengeology museum - the circa 1770 frontier fort, turned antebellum plantation.

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It's all about history....

Join us as we learn our history by doing, and by scavenging the garbage, and dropped items of our forefathers.  If we don't save our history now, and make an effort to educate ourselves, and our children, our soul as a country, and a region, will be lost forever.  And it's fun to play with drones, and metal detectors and stuff......

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T-SHIRTS NOW AVAILABLE.... Check back often to see what's for sale through the Scavengeology Store. So far we have the new super soft and comfy Scavenger T-shirts in stock, as well as The Scavengeology Journal, Volume 1 "Discovering Byrnside's Fort." Both in print, and downloadable E-edition.


AVAILABLE NOW! September 2019 - "Discovering Byrnside's Fort"

Get your copy now of THE SCAVENGEOLOGY JOURNAL, Volume 1 "Discovering Byrnside's Fort," with 80 color pages of our discoveries and finds at Byrnside's Fort.  You will want to add this one to your library....